Who are we?

When did we start? Around 1990 we formed the Westford Jewish Community and created many events over the years, such as the annual Hanukkah party and Progressive dinner. In 2001, we began to gather and talk at people’s houses. And within one meeting we all agreed to form a synagogue in Westford.

Temple Shir Hadash was formed by a group of families with the dream of having a house of worship in our own community. Shir Hadash translates to “New Song”. We were dedicated to creating an independent and inclusive community synagogue.

For about 15 years Temple Shir Hadash served the greater Westford community. However,  we lost enough critical mass in 2014 that we decided to go back to our roots of the WJC.

And so we refocused our mission back into an organization focused on social action and jewish events in the area, the Greater Westford Jewish Community.

Welcome to the Journey.